Ghost Ship

Atmospheric soundscape. Eerie sounding, and slightly sinister in feeling, it creates an impending tension through drones, dissonant tones and high pitched sounds before breaking into a pulsing section with sub bass hits and shrill synth textures. Dangerous and full of suspense, it paints an uneasy picture of unknown worlds and lurking doom.

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An uncomplicated yet profound piece of meditational soundscape that's equally at home as a thought-provoking, new age track as it is the background to a disturbing psychological scene, such is the potential for intrigue and tension in such a minimalist, dark electronic piece. The 285 Hz frequency targets your energy field and supposedly helps in the fast healing of burns, fractures, sprains and cuts - somewhat ironic if it ends up in the soundtrack to a psycho-gore flick.
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It all depends on how you're feeling. On the one hand, this is a deep, soul searching soundscape of profound, inner vibrations - an electronic soup of slowly evolving tones, drones and unresolved mutations that leads you to mysterious places and intriguing discovery, safe in the knowledge that at this pace, you'll have the time to fall into it's myriad hypnotic states. On the other hand, it's the soundtrack to your worst, most isolated horror nightmares and the darkest, creepiest underworld you never want to visit. The choice is yours - it's just a question of context.
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Metronome 64
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Intense and terrifying cinematic theme, with creepy pads and synths, pulsating percussion and a sinister atmosphere. Creating a disturbing intensity with aggressive sirens and impacts, they give way to a softer, more psychological tension of synth melody and dark textures in this steady paced, truly atmospheric soundscape full of background subtlety and effects.
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Metronome 80
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Orchestral hybrid tension builder. Starting purely synth based with rapid arpeggiated chords, the intensity subtly and gradually increases with added electro bass, then choir, then industrial drum beat. String and brass stabs highlight the dramatic mood, swells enhance the suspense and the ceaseless underlying rhythm racks up the tension til the end. Cinematic action with a strong electro presence.
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Metronome 104
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Short, pulsing drone theme to conjure up dark and foreboding terrors - a dark, ambient soundscape built of layered synth textures and sprinkled with atmospheric, tension building effects.
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Metronome 70
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Atmospheric hybrid track with a psychological edge. Making good use of cutting synth and string themes for suspense, and a deep, pulsing beat for tension and movement, there remains space for a piano melody to add progressive interest with a deliberately vague and ambiguous feel. An overall steady and tense piece that creates a mysterious, thrilling landscape.


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