Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy music on Audio Buzz

Is the music here "Royalty-Free" ? What does that mean exactly?


Licensing music in our catalog allows you to use tracks royalty-free.
Royalty free music does not mean free music despite many people often assuming it does.
What it’s actually referring to is the type of license that you are buying.

In this case, you’d be purchasing a license that permits you to use a piece of music in a specified way.

Learn more about what “Royalty-free” means here.

Does my license expire at any point?


Any song you download under our single-track or annual subscription license can be used in perpetuity.
If licensed via an annual subscription, we won’t ask you to remove a song from your project once your subscription ends.
With a valid license, any track you download can be used forever.

Which license is right for my project?

Audio Buzz offers two simple licensing routes:

Single-Track License
License an individual track for use in any type of project.

Annual Subscription License
Unlimited access to our music catalog. License tracks for any project.

You can license our music for:
– Internal usage.
– Web usage.
– Physical or digital products.
– Broadcast productions (TV/Radio/Film/Theater).


Can I download a free preview track to test on my project?

Absolutely! We encourage you to do so too.

At Audio Buzz, all sales are final.

Therefore we highly recommend that you “try before you buy”.
Click the “Preview” button under the “Buy” button on whatever track/s you choose to download a watermarked version you can apply on your project to make sure it works for you before committing to buy.

Can I resell music I buy through Audio Buzz?

Under our license agreement, you are not allowed to resale or distribute tracks you purchase from Audio Buzz.
Besides that, you’re pretty much covered for practically any type of usage.

Please refer to our Licensing Agreement page for detailed information.

Can I transfer my license?

When you purchase a single-track or an annual subscription, it is non-transferable and only you can use it for your project.

However, your license does cover clients who hire you to work on their project. The license is not transferred in this case. The client is only free to use the track you licensed for their project.

What formats are tracks delivered in?

Preview tracks are watermarked and are in mp3 format.

Purchased tracks are in WAV / AIFF format (16 bit/44.1 kHz or higher).

What is Content ID?

Content ID is basically a digital fingerprint system that involves newly uploaded content being checked against registered (copyrighted) content stored in a database.

This mostly applies to tracks you use in your work and upload to YouTube.

If a match is found then the copyright owner and the uploader will be notified and the owner will then decide what action they would like to take.

When a match is found you will see a notification next to your video that says “matched third party content” and you may need to take action to clear any copyright claim.

Learn more about Content ID and how to quickly remove any claims here.

I'm a composer and I'd like to submit my music to Audio Buzz for consideration

Just visit this page and let’s hear your stuff!

If qualified, you’ll be invited to sign up as a contributor and have your music offered for sale on our platform.

Can I use buy tracks for a client who hired me for their project?


You can license tracks through our platform for any creative project you’re working on for your client. Your client however cannot use the track/s for a production other than the one they hired you for.


I want to sell music on Audio Buzz

How do I become a contributor?

To become a contributor with Audio Buzz, please submit a request here and send us your best tracks to review.

What copyright constraints should I be aware of before uploading tracks?

Before uploading your music, you must confirm that you are the principal copyright holder of the track, or that you have written consent and authorization to upload the track from the copyright holder’s.
All contributors will be held fully liable for any damages incurred as a result of any breach of intellectual property. Please be sure to read our Upload agreement.

Please be sure to carefully go over our upload agreement before uploading your audio tracks.

Can I upload tracks that uses 3rd party samples or loops?

Usage of loops and audio samples are extremely common in popular music.
The tracks you upload to Audio Buzz may include 3rd party samples or loops provided that these comply with the user agreement of that particular loop / sample library or the holder of the rights to these samples or loops.
Most sample libraries allow audio professionals to make use of their samples and/or loops as long as they are combined with other audio elements.
It’s important to note that all contributors will be held fully liable for any damages caused by copyright infringement. Please make sure you read and understand the upload agreement before uploading tracks.

Why has my track been rejected

We listen to every single track that is submitted to us.
Some tracks will get rejected for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The track is well-produced, but isn’t commercially viable to be listed in our library.
  • The track is poorly mixed/mastered.
  • The track violates a label’s or another artist’s intellectual property.
  • Other

Audio Buzz reserves the right to reject any track, even after having approved it – at its discretion.

We strive to provide you with the reason why the track hasn’t been accepted, but this will not always be possible due to time constraints / a long review queue.

May I resubmit a track that has been rejected

If you have modified the track to match our track submission standards, you may resubmit it for another review.

Please make sure you mention the changes you made to the track in the “Message for the reviewer” section.

Can I remove tracks that I have uploaded to the system?


Simply contact us and let us know which track/s you wish to remove.

Still Need Help?

Through our simple music licensing and commitment to world-class support, we aim to provide you with the best possible customer experience. If we can do anything to assist, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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