Outer Travels

An instrumental electro sci fi track with a familiar 80s style. Vintage arpeggiated lead and bass synth tones move us forward, backed by a rich electro beat and enhanced by percussive and tonal effects. A delicious grit in the pulsing bass and an ethereal quality to the choir and organ give a contrasting texture to this other-worldly piece of retro-future music, mysterious and transcending in equal measure.

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Metronome 120
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Spooky goings-on and creepy encounters guaranteed with this one - with a mix of playful kitsch and genuine horror soundscape, it has a bit of everything. Starting with a light glockenspiel and piano theme to set a tone of mystery and an air of suspense, things turn ugly for a disturbing mid section of synth warps and panicked effects, which never completely goes away as the main theme returns. Dramatic and familiarly chilling.
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Retro Synthwave track with a clear Eighties influence. Dreaming but active, it was created with buzzing synth leads, ethereal
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Electronic horror-themed track with arpeggiated keyboard, underlying light trap beat and synth pulses
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If you're looking to awaken your system and return it to its original perfect state, this 'Si' frequency is the one you want. Said to target the pineal gland, the meditative synth tones and generated soundscapes of this track will gently ease you into another state, transforming your mood and boosting your passage to enlightenment. 8 full minutes of airy calm to add ambience and texture, useful in many different contexts.
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852 Hz – the frequency of the Third Eye Chakra and the miracle tone for awakening intuition, kind of like a portal to a clearer way of thinking, directing you away from overthinking, intrusive thoughts and negative thought patterns. Without hesitation, I'm happy to say that this visionary meditative soundscape can lift your spirits with its sweeping tones and ethereal dynamic, raising your mood to higher levels and targeting the subconscious workings of the inner mind. Soothing, inquisitive, brooding and intimate.
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Digital synth arpeggios mix with sweeping strings and guitar to set a mood of natural movement and wonder. Soft pads create a steady and constant backdrop, while some unexpected chord progressions later throw a slight uncertainty at the listener. Fascinating and relaxing, with enough curiosity to ask a few questions.


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