Fading Fast

Fragile soundscape of delicate piano surrounded by ambient texture. Haunting and mesmerizing, it's both beautiful in its minimalist structure and simple piano theme, and 'other-wordly' in its background of warped, glitched and filtered elements, gradually building to a hung climax of distorted solitude. Dramatic in its tension, and ranging from menacing to euphoric in its slow building transition.

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Metronome 160
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Moody tension builder that constantly shifts direction and flavour whilst maintaining its gripping minimalist core. Based around a light, bouncing piano motif, the key changes, instrumentation and electro sound design regularly turn down a side street as the music tries to evade being locked down to any single identity. Mysterious, intriguing and almost playfully evasive, it's an ambient piece that keeps you on your toes whilst sitting confidently in the background.
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741 Hz Solfeggio frequency is used for solving problems and awakening intuition in meditation. This light, sparkling soundscape is more delicate at this frequency, it's gentle, overlapping tones smoothly evolving like slow moving clouds dispersing and reforming in new ways. The occasional zinging synth keeps you alert and in the moment, with a calming backdrop of ever present drones and ethereal sonics to keep you grounded. Fulfilling and wholesome.
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Metronome 70
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Deeply reflective piano piece with a calm, minimalist approach. Not a lot of notes, but a lot of rich ambience, diverse emotions and mood from shimmering overtones and swathes of reverb - simplicity and soul-searching would be the only key words for this one. And maybe remorse. And a little hope. And solitude. And peaceful mystery. And I should stop now.
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Metronome 80
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Somber and dramatic background music with added ambience, using soft arpeggiated piano and electronic sound design elements. The constant, steady movement helps the piece flow forward, but it('s not until the final section that all the elements combine for the full effect of rich, mysterious and brooding tension. A slow burner, created purely for mood.
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Metronome 93
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Ambient, reverb-soaked electronic track. Synth based, a constantly shifting time signature creates instability and suspense
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Metronome 120
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Dark, mysterious piece with an urban/industrial loop and synth pad.


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