741Hz Purge Distrust

741 Hz Solfeggio frequency is used for solving problems and awakening intuition in meditation. This light, sparkling soundscape is more delicate at this frequency, it's gentle, overlapping tones smoothly evolving like slow moving clouds dispersing and reforming in new ways. The occasional zinging synth keeps you alert and in the moment, with a calming backdrop of ever present drones and ethereal sonics to keep you grounded. Fulfilling and wholesome.

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The 528 Hertz solfeggio frequency is also known as the frequency of health and longevity. And this is quite a long 8 minutes of haunting, penetrating, meditational soundscape. Like a swirling wind of synthesized tones seeping through your ears, it is both sonically immersive and spiritually engrossing, evolving slowly with minimal movement to give time to fully absorb the sensory effects given off.
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639 Hz - a frequency filled with love, radiance, and positive energy.  It's the frequency of the heart, but don't expect James Blunt style whinings. This is a meditation soundscape designed to go much deeper, whistling straight into your inner core with haunting tones and evolving sound design. As useful for cinematic ambience as it is for spiritual energising, it's said to help you build harmonious relationships with others. Might work better than a mix tape of 80's love ballads.
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Metronome 65
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Fragile soundscape of delicate piano surrounded by ambient texture. Haunting and mesmerizing, it's both beautiful in its minimalist structure and simple piano theme, and 'other-wordly' in its background of warped, glitched and filtered elements, gradually building to a hung climax of distorted solitude. Dramatic in its tension, and ranging from menacing to euphoric in its slow building transition.
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Metronome 120
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An ethereal, ambient synth track with spacious, swelling pads and light background vocals
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An uncomplicated yet profound piece of meditational soundscape that's equally at home as a thought-provoking, new age track as it is the background to a disturbing psychological scene, such is the potential for intrigue and tension in such a minimalist, dark electronic piece. The 285 Hz frequency targets your energy field and supposedly helps in the fast healing of burns, fractures, sprains and cuts - somewhat ironic if it ends up in the soundtrack to a psycho-gore flick.
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Metronome 60
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An atmospheric orchestral hybrid track. From a calm, arpeggiated piano intro, backed by searing synth pads and textures, the piece develops through a pulsing section into a vibrant, majestic theme using string ostinato and choral pads, grounded by light, driving percussion. Followed by an evocative violin lead over the main theme, it continues to take us on a soothing, yearning voyage of discovery and wonder.  


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