Chromatic Wave

Ambient meditation music with, of course, an overwhelmingly relaxing and serene feel. Soft, drawn out strings and a background shimmer form the cloudlike bed of the track, and even without any rhythmic movement, the tones evolve to generate a subtle fluidity and progression, leaving you floating on air in a comforting blanket of aural delight.

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Metronome 74
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An atmospheric mid tempo track, with hints of traditional Asian music mixed with chilled percussion and synth textures. The main theme played on tuned wooden percussion is subtly backed with a granular pad and soft beat, built on with guitar harmonics and synth sweeps to create a mood of mystery, intrigue, suspense and wonder. Relaxing, pensive and enigmatic.
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852 Hz – the frequency of the Third Eye Chakra and the miracle tone for awakening intuition, kind of like a portal to a clearer way of thinking, directing you away from overthinking, intrusive thoughts and negative thought patterns. Without hesitation, I'm happy to say that this visionary meditative soundscape can lift your spirits with its sweeping tones and ethereal dynamic, raising your mood to higher levels and targeting the subconscious workings of the inner mind. Soothing, inquisitive, brooding and intimate.
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741 Hz Solfeggio frequency is used for solving problems and awakening intuition in meditation. This light, sparkling soundscape is more delicate at this frequency, it's gentle, overlapping tones smoothly evolving like slow moving clouds dispersing and reforming in new ways. The occasional zinging synth keeps you alert and in the moment, with a calming backdrop of ever present drones and ethereal sonics to keep you grounded. Fulfilling and wholesome.
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The 528 Hertz solfeggio frequency is also known as the frequency of health and longevity. And this is quite a long 8 minutes of haunting, penetrating, meditational soundscape. Like a swirling wind of synthesized tones seeping through your ears, it is both sonically immersive and spiritually engrossing, evolving slowly with minimal movement to give time to fully absorb the sensory effects given off.
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Meditative track of ethereal synth tones, choral pads and wafts of musical air based on the 417Hz frequency - said to help bring about change and new beginnings in life. Essentially just a slowly evolving soundscape, it has a gentle flow and creates an atmosphere of deep tranquility with slightly haunting dissonance at times, meaning we experience the darker, pensive side as well as the transgression to more comforting resolutions.
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Metronome 105
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Ambient orchestral hybrid piece, mixing rich synth textures and leads with traditional instruments, and weaving it all through a tapestry of rhythmic playfulness. A complex web of time signatures combines seamlessly to create an ever evolving, free flowing landscape for the rolling piano and pizzicato strings to colour in, all while keeping a light and uplifting tone to the music. Woodwinds add air and space, gentle percussion adds a touch of movement and magic, generating a peaceful background track that gives something a bit different.


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