With Me

A modern synth-pop track with retro 80's vibes. Great production means the funky bass really pops and the dynamics really shine throughout - rich drums, clear and lively synth leads and filtered textures really lend an interest and touch of class to this track, great for all sorts of projects needing some cool, mid tempo club instrumental vibes.

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A fresh and dreamy future bass track featuring laidback female vocals and a super clean feel. Lots of airy synth leads and a crisp beat mix with syncopated rhythms and soft pads to create an ambient yet upbeat vibe that's modern, youthful and chilled. A great accompaniment for a vast range of projects.
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Metronome 116
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An upbeat and modern fashion house-style dance track. Really fresh and clean with a high end polish giving off a vibe of class and luxury, it has all the elements of a smooth backdrop for a cool, laid back, good time feel project. Chilled piano, grooving house beat, synth hits and sampled vocal themes all feature to capture the relaxed party mood.
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Metronome 100
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An atmospheric R&B pop style track ideal for any urban upbeat vibe. Lots of ambient synth texture and a bouncing bass groove give the track a modern richness and energy, with a soulful heartbeat coming from the lead melodies. Relaxed and charismatic, sensual and explorative.
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Metronome 85
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Mid tempo synth pop instrumental with a strong 80s feel. Capturing that retro feel with classic synth tones and pop beat, it's the little soulful touches of shimmers and vocal samples that really give it an authenticity, mixed with subtle rhythm guitar and big electro drum fills to complete the effect. Smooth pop vibes all round.
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Metronome 124
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Pumping electronic beats and a catchy melody makes this theme track perfect for contemporary modern projects
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Metronome 105
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A modern mid tempo Pop/Future Bass track ready to accompany all manner of projects that need an upbeat, positive feel. Confidently energetic whilst maintaining a cool exterior, it has that air of relaxed, casual good times and optimistic outlooks. Lots of synth chord hits, lots of chopped vocals samples, and a modern beat and flavour with a fresh bounce. Happy days.


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