A dive into a deeper state of consciousness through ethereal throat singing and resonant vocals. Like the lightest of clouds and deepest of sleeps, it transports you into a mystical world of meditation with rich harmonies and tones, gently pushed on with a light taiko drum beat. Always serene, with almost cinematic qualities, it brings out an inner reflection to a wider expanse.

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Metronome 90
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Spacey, ethereal track. Starting as a pure, synth soundscape with lush textures and pads, the dreamlike atmosphere becomes enhanced by rhythmic pulses and soft arpeggiated leads, sprinkled with chimes and warped effects. No beat, just a mobile fluidity, like a cloud set in motion by a chorus of angels.  
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Hopefully no-one tries listening to this on a cheap phone speaker or $1 headphones - the majority of it just won't be there. That's because, like all the best sounds, it's all about the bass. This ancient solfeggio frequency of 69.3 Hz is the lowest and lesser-known tone and is supposed to act as a resonance deepener. Mixing lush, soothing tones and ethereal sounds with the richness of the almost rumbling bass gives off a warm, comforting vibe of spiritual contentment, sure to soothe and invigorate in equal measure.
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Metronome 81
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An ambient track with an overall feeling of peace, tranquility and bliss.
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Metronome 74
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An atmospheric mid tempo track, with hints of traditional Asian music mixed with chilled percussion and synth textures. The main theme played on tuned wooden percussion is subtly backed with a granular pad and soft beat, built on with guitar harmonics and synth sweeps to create a mood of mystery, intrigue, suspense and wonder. Relaxing, pensive and enigmatic.
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852 Hz – the frequency of the Third Eye Chakra and the miracle tone for awakening intuition, kind of like a portal to a clearer way of thinking, directing you away from overthinking, intrusive thoughts and negative thought patterns. Without hesitation, I'm happy to say that this visionary meditative soundscape can lift your spirits with its sweeping tones and ethereal dynamic, raising your mood to higher levels and targeting the subconscious workings of the inner mind. Soothing, inquisitive, brooding and intimate.
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Metronome 105
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Ambient piano based instrumental. A heavily reverbed soft piano theme, minimal, light and tranquil, is supported by a soundscape of synth pulses and textures. An electro kick drum beat adds an extra dimension of movement to prevent too much spacious ambiguity to the rhythm, generating an overall feeling of reassured calmness and well-being with a touch of reflection.


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