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Clean and fresh tropical house theme. Short and sweet, with sampled vocal hits, a modern electro beat and catchy synth melodies, it's upbeat with a feel good, motivational vibe and healthy dose of party time sunshine.

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Metronome 120
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A short, modern dancefloor track. Mixing electric keyboard with light vocal samples and an underlying dance beat, the vibe is always about moving and having a good time. It remains classy and controlled throughout, adding various elements such as pulses and chimes for momentum and variety. Uplifting and cool.  
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Feel good, upbeat pop track mixing synth pop melodies with guitar and soaking in a marinade of disco ambience. But this is not your usual retro feel track - starting with heavily chopped and filtered samples of synth and vocals gives it a sharper, modern edge, making you wait for the reward of smooth groove and club beats. Totally worth it though, as its toe-tapping beat takes over and fills out to a rich and danceable piece of cool club funkiness.
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Metronome 116
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An upbeat and modern fashion house-style dance track. Really fresh and clean with a high end polish giving off a vibe of class and luxury, it has all the elements of a smooth backdrop for a cool, laid back, good time feel project. Chilled piano, grooving house beat, synth hits and sampled vocal themes all feature to capture the relaxed party mood.
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Metronome 150
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A catchy future pop, dubstep style track. A chilled keyboard opening sets the theme as it grows into a bumping groove featuring warped vocal samples, hyper synth arps and plenty of gated textures and sweeps. Switching between ambient and pumped vibes, it still manages to keep it's identity throughout as a modern urban track, energetic and varied with a sophisticated edge.
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Metronome 114
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An upbeat electronic funk / house track infused with  french poetry, featuring bass synth and saxophone leads
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Metronome 130
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80s inspired synth pop track. High energy from the drums and bass, with heavily reverbed keyboard and guitar lead being the melodic focus. Fast arpeggiated synth patterns, sweeps and risers add to the retro vibe. Key modulations between sections give a sense of movement and progression throughout the piece. The main repeated theme gives off a sense of mystery and intrigue.


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