4th Dimension

Glitchy and ambient future house track, leaning towards chill hop. Its minimalist approach gives it a strong technological feel and a cold, hollow vibe that is much more soundscape than beat driven accompaniment. Very spacious, synth based moods with contrasting high and low accentuations.

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Retro Synthwave track with a clear Eighties influence. Dreaming but active, it was created with buzzing synth leads, ethereal
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Soft chill house track setting a slowed down, modern vibe. Don't expect verse/chorus/verse structure here, it's all about creating a constant luxurious backing of laid back electro beats, chopped vocal samples and keyboard plucks. Smooth and sensual, with a night time, urban groove.
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Float away on a bed of soothing sonicness with this most gentle of ethereal soundscapes. Transporting the mind to faraway astral planes, the slowly evolving synth tones and airy pads melt seamlessly together to create a blend of peacefully haunting moods and inner reverberations. The 396Hz frequency is said to relieve the body of guilt, fear and negativity, and is just one of many available frequencies designed for a specific purpose.
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Whilst most of us would reach for the nearest packet of painkillers in times of need, others might be tempted by a more sonic dose of cellular and sensory treatment. 174 Hz acts like energetic anaesthesia and is supposedly great for relieving a person from tension and pain, so this well targeted soundscape of minimalist electronic tones set in a cloud of ethereal ambience might be just the medication you need. Lie back, soak it in, and let yourself float to wherever you want.
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Smooth house track, with a laid back chill hop feel and soulful tropical vibe. Light moods come from airy pads and floating vocal samples, movement comes from the beat and the snaps, and richness comes from simple deep bass. Super clean with great production, it captures a chic and elegant style with a modern flavour.
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If you're looking to awaken your system and return it to its original perfect state, this 'Si' frequency is the one you want. Said to target the pineal gland, the meditative synth tones and generated soundscapes of this track will gently ease you into another state, transforming your mood and boosting your passage to enlightenment. 8 full minutes of airy calm to add ambience and texture, useful in many different contexts.


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