Vintage Retro Soul

60s style soul pop instrumental. A clean electric guitar riff repeated over a classic swinging sixties, soul style backing of drums, bass, electric keyboard and horns. Simple and effective as backing for any suitably themed retro scene, it stays constant throughout, adding slight variety by dropping instruments out to create a break section. Subtle strings add a cinematic touch. Upbeat and toe-tapping stuff.

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Metronome 171
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60s style soul instrumental. Revivng the classic tones of the era, you get a clean electric guitar lead over an upbeat rhythm section of punchy drums and funky bass, with an added horn section for dynamism and classic Wurlitzer organ for a full, rich sound as the piece gradually builds up. With its feel good vibe and vintage influences, it's a track to get you up and dancing.
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A vintage soul instrumental. Capturing the mood of classic soul tracks with a simple guitar lead and rhythm section, you'll go back in time with the toe-tapping beat and swinging vibe created here. Add in the full horn section and some sweeping strings to further polish it up, and you have a retro background sound that's upbeat, uncomplicated, authentic and punchy.
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A mellow funk-soul track with retro tendancies. Unmistakably 80s in feel thanks to the keyboard and synth leads, this has an immediate cool groove from the laid back beat and funk guitar. Very atmospheric and chic throughout, with a modern cutting edge urban vibe.
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A little bit of retro flavoured RnB soul, not to be taken too seriously. Upbeat and smooth in feel, with its sexy sax and kinky keys hitting those funky tones, it's ably supported by a tight rhythm section and some laid back guitar funk. Whispy male vocals tell the story (of earning enough money) leading to the catchy choruses with harmonised help from the backing singers. Musically authentic, vocally different.
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Modern Hip Hop / R&B style track with an ambient vibe. Very urban, and very 'trap', featuring hi-hat heavy beats and minimalist filler. Piano and synth gently throb in the background, providing a base for the chopped vocal samples to float over, allowing space and groove to be the dominant feelings. Laid back, airy, and unfussed.
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Modern Future R&B track with super smooth vibes. Chopped vocal hits attract most of the attention as they pan around the aural spectrum, but it's the background that creates the groove. Deep bass and light drums make up the rhythm, while gentle pads and soft mallet hits give it an almost tropical feel. Upbeat but relaxed, it's a fresh and cool take on an urban genre.


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