fuji’s loop

A peaceful and happy chillout track. Soft piano plays warm, chordal sequences over a lo-fi beat, enhanced by innocent keyboard melodies to add a light, playful touch. The gentle chill hop beat adds variety, dropping in and out for extra expression, leaving you in a deeply satisfying, care-free state of mind.

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Dream synth ambience with a chillout beat. Just simple, floating melodies over a bed of rich pads to take you away on an ethereal cloud to other worlds. Calming and blissful with no sense of urgency at all.
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Metronome 77
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Dreamy, ethereal soundscape with a lo-fi vintage tonal vibe mixed with filtered synth and spacey, reverbed guitar lines. Anchored by a soft beat, the rest floats above as the shimmers, echoes and delays meld together in a timeless, carefree web of delicate, enchanted daydreaming.
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Dreamy lo-fi chillout track. Heavily effected electric guitar takes the lead role as a spacey melody maker, weaving simple, reverbed hooks into a tapestry of rich chordal textures and lo-fi beat. Very open and clean, with a trippy, ambient nature designed to provoke reflection and relaxation.
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Metronome 88
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Hypnotic and ethereal ambient piano soundscape, with lo-fi feels and a deep sense of trippy mysticism and satisfaction. Simple and gentle piano, lifted by spacey reverb and delay, is the main focus, punctuated with sonic textures and subtle synth patterns. The lack of chordal resolution keeps the track deliberately vague and ungrounded, generating a slow paced tension and release throughout.
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Metronome 82
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Super chilled ambient track, with a chill hop beat, rhythmic warps and warm, old school feels through the use of vibraphone, reverbed guitar and synth textures. Just like floating along on a cloud of unhurried passiveness, it leaves you in a state of carefree calm and deep relaxation.
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Metronome 90
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Spacey, ethereal track. Starting as a pure, synth soundscape with lush textures and pads, the dreamlike atmosphere becomes enhanced by rhythmic pulses and soft arpeggiated leads, sprinkled with chimes and warped effects. No beat, just a mobile fluidity, like a cloud set in motion by a chorus of angels.  


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