Wolf Samuels

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Wolf Samuels is a multi instrumentalist producer and composer. He makes music because he loves it above all else, and he has recently taken the decision to share his compositions so that they may be used and enjoyed by you, and utilised in your projects. It is said that he has been known to venture out of the darkness of the recording studio from time to time, but there is physical evidence to back this up...

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Metronome 105
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Heavily corporate instrumental with a feel good sentimental side. Starting gently with animated acoustic guitar, it's a 'builder' - gradually layering up the instrumentation and racking up the bonus points for inspiration with piano, rhythm section and eventually strings and electric guitar until it's become a powerhouse pop tune ready to conquer any challenge.
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Metronome 120
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Corporate styled instrumental, with all the necessary inspirational trimmings. Over a fast paced, muted guitar pattern with a stomping kick drum accompaniment, expect an uplifting chord progression, catchy melodies and some searing synth strings to boost those motivational feels. Gentle and professional with a dynamic touch, get ready to tackle Monday morning presentations like never before.
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