Eugene Goh

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Since being given his first instrument at the age of 7, Eugene Goh has not stopped playing, rearranging, and composing music. With a drive coming being a multi-instrumentalist and having a diverse musical taste, he enjoys exploring the boundaries of different genres, styles, and eras in his music, melding his ideas together into digestible yet deep compositions that everyone can appreciate.

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Metronome 110
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Charming solo piano waltz, with a light hearted, playful spirit. Classical in construction, but with small hints of other influences, like a French étude sprinkled with the tiniest bit of ragtime, it starts with a calmer, more sentimental feel before becoming more animated to explore its 'joie de vivre'. Innocently romantic with an old fashioned gracefulness.
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Solo piano track that manages to give off peaceful, relaxing vibes at the same time as sounding animated and playful. Very melodic, and masterfully mixes surprising major/minor progressions and rhythmic variations without upsetting the overall balance and tone of the piece. At times melancholic, at others triumphant, but always serene and atmospheric.
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