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music for commercials and ads
by Dejan Kvrgic May 10, 2022

Music For Commercials & Ads

Of all ways to appeal to people and stimulate their emotions – music work best.

There is a clear link between music and emotions – and that connection is precisely what ad creatives ride on when constructing the message they want to convey.

The issue is – where can you find royalty-free music that is effective this way?

Right here, at Audio Buzz! However, you will need more information about everything, so make sure to continue reading to get all the answers you are looking for!

Can Famous Music Be Used As Ad Music?

YouTube Videos music

The short answer is – yes, famous music can be used for ads and commercials. On the other hand, it’s important to note several things before using favorite music for commercials.

The principal thing about using famous music is that it requires a license to be used before it is featured in an ad. If you do use famous music without a license, it will likely be blocked off social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and other media.

If that isn’t bad enough, you can be charged for copyright infringement, which is an enormous problem. To prevent any issues popping up, you will need to get the much-required licenses for the songs you want to use in ads, and this is precisely where Audio Buzz can help.

Many record labels refuse to release the license for the commercial use of the songs issued on their label. There are various reasons they refuse to do that, the most common being that they don’t want their title to be associated with another brand, which they may disagree with.

Luckily, not all labels feel that way – and there are plenty of them that will allow a license to use the songs as music for commercials.

How To Get The Rights To Use A Song In A Commercial?

making music for ads

Of course, you can get the right to use a specific song – and there are two ways you can do that. First, you can contact the record label or the artist that has recorded the particular music tracks you want to use for your brand’s image.

The second opinion would require you to contact PROs – the performance rights organizations. This option is generally much easier, as this organization is responsible for releasing the right to use music for commercials.

If you are located outside of the US, you might have to contact a few organizations before finally getting the license to use the song for advertising. There are several organizations you can contact in the US, such as SESAC, BMI, and ASCAP.

The most crucial thing o remember about going this route is that you will be expected to pay royalties – and plenty of them, at that – to acquire the license to use songs for commercial projects or YouTube videos.

You can get several different licenses to use a song as ad music: master license, sync license, reproduction and distribution license, and theatrical license.

How Much Do Music Licenses Cost?

mixing music for production

When making a song into ad music, the principal factor is – how much does it cost to use a song for a commercial project?

Let us tell you, it’s not free or even cheap to use music tracks, as acquiring a sync license or master license can cost quite a lot. The prices vary, especially on how the music tracks are going to be used, the media in which the famous songs will be used, how many music licenses the commercial project requires, the scope of the commercial, and how important the song is.

If you wish to feature a famous song in television ads, you will need, at the very least, the sync license and the master license before you start. For radio use, you will also need a specific license from the record label.

Licenses for famous songs cost plenty, usually tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands. To top it all off, that is the cost of one-year use, meaning that you cannot use it anymore after the one-year mark, as unlimited use can often cost an arm and a leg.

That is a lot, especially for small businesses still trying to make it in the world. That is certainly not how most companies can get their hands on a music license, which is why there are other, more affordable options to get music for commercials, such as Audio Buzz – but more on that later.

Is There Free Music For Commercial Use?

Luckily, there is free music you can use for your ads and other commercial projects of yours – the music that falls into the public domain and the creative commons licenses.

This may sound like the perfect solution to your strict budget for ads – but it comes with

However, there are some drawbacks to using music from these categories in your ads. Music under the public domain mainly consists of songs over 70 years old, meaning they don’t have copyrights anymore, and classical music.

Despite being free – it is simply not very attractive for your customers, and it will likely not create an effect you were hoping it would. Creative Commons licenses are great, but they come with their downside, despite being free to download.

In creative commons licenses, you must mention the artist who created the song you used in a commercial, which may harm your ad. Many creative commons licenses allow you to use the song, but for non-commercial use only – meaning it cannot be used for advertisements of any sort.

So, getting the copyright for a song is too expensive, and using free music doesn’t do the job. What is the answer for your commercial projects? Royalty-free music!

Royalty-free music offers the best of both worlds – it provides in-demand tracks without the requirement to pay vast amounts of money, and it certainly does the job to increase sales using the specific ad.

Despite the word ‘free’ being in the name, royalty-free music is not free to download, especially not to use for advertisements. Royalties in the music world is a term related to the money record labels, and artists receive for their work.

Royalty-free music is not free – it’s just a term used to describe what type of license you are buying for your commercial project. It permits you to use a piece of instrumental music, for example, in a certain way.

Where To Find Royalty-Free Music?

If you have never searched for royalty-free tunes before, finding the right sound for your commercial video can be challenging. Luckily, we at Audio Buzz are about to help you find that catchy tune you have been looking for!

Audio Buzz is the way to go if you want to find high-quality music and just the right song to send your message through advertising. Our catalog offers a wide array of upbeat songs to make exciting commercials.

There are plenty of royalty-free music platforms to find the background music, but it can be challenging to search through everything. You can search through Audio Buzz using the musical genres, moods, and instruments!

Whether you want your sound to be an excellent addition to your video or the sound to be the main thing, we offer a wide array of instrumental music, different music genres, and copious amounts of original work designed to capture the attention of your audience!

There are two main ways to get that background music: a single-track subscription for $29 and an annual subscription for $189, or $15.75 per month.

The single-track subscription allows you to use the selected royalty-free tune for commercial use in any kind of commercial project, even YouTube videos. The use is unlimited for socials, internal purposes, apps and games, TV and radio, and broadcasting purposes. New tracks are added on a regular basis so that you can take your advertising project to a whole other level.

However, our annual subscription is undoubtedly the way to go if one track won’t cover your needs for a new melody. For the price, you get unlimited use for socials, broadcasting, TV, and radio purposes, and you get unlimited downloads for the entire year!

With the annual subscription, you can search through the entire catalog to find the exact instrumental or song that sets your brand’s mood or general feel.

What’s better, you can play every song before you buy it – and listen to the watermarked version. After listening – which is something we strongly encourage, you can buy the upbeat tune and spread your message using our tracks!

What Type Of Music Is The Best For Background Music In Commercials?

Music For Commercials & Ads

Many people aren’t sure what type of music works best for their commercials. Audio Buzz offers excellent options for commercial music, but deciding on vocal or instrumental tunes can be the biggest challenge of them all.

Artists still create instrumental and vocal tracks, but the decision has to be yours. The vast majority of ads use an instrumental track rather than a vocal one. A study showed that the instrumentals appeal to the audience better if the sound is familiar, but people respond better to vocal sounds if the sound is unfamiliar.

Instrumentals are better used as background music in advertisements, as they complement voice-overs and spoken language better, capturing the viewer’s attention.

Vocal tunes are used to associate the advertisement with the brand, evoke emotion, and make viewers connect the melody to the video part of the ad. So, to decide between vocal tunes and instrumentals, you will need to decide first what kind of commercial projects you wish to make.

Once you establish that, it will be easy to pick out the type of melody that goes best with your ads, advertising project, and videos.

What Is The Best Genre For Advertising Purposes?

Picking between vocal and instrumental tracks was relatively easy, as it solely depends on the type of videos you want to make. However, the suitable genre is where people tend to feel lost when finding the right track for commercial use.

We at Audio Buzz feel that there is no correct answer as to which track or which genre you should download for commercial use. It all comes down to what you want to achieve with your ad and what kind of mood you want to set in the video.

Music needs to complement the mood and the message, and it needs to target your desired audience with the tune. If you want to make an ad for younger people, pick ambient, house, funk, groove, and even folk music.

For people in their thirties and even forties, you can pick out the country, soul, R&B, and even rock – while making sure that the videos complement the upbeat tune.

When you are trying to appeal to children or their parents, use children’s music, but if you’re trying to pick out something to appeal to older people, stick to classic and jazz music with less bass to appeal to them.

We advise you to look through our K-Pop, hip-hop, and dance tunes to appeal to teenagers. For specific corporate ads, corporate songs will help you spread your message.

All in all, the point of the ad has to align with the music, to make a harmony between the visual effect and the listening part of the ad. All musical genres can work well, which is precisely why Audio Buzz has a wide array of genres to choose from to align with your company and your commercial project.

If you aren’t sure about the genre, you can search the music for your video using the ‘mood’ section. There, you can find the perfect song for your advertising video by searching through our numerous categories – from epic, feel-good, relaxation, cheerful, and dance to romantic and uplifting tracks.

Our goal is to help you find the right track to feature in your YouTube videos or other types of ads, which is why we decided to make it easier by searching through categories using the ‘mood’, ‘type of instrument’, and ‘genre’ filter.

To catch the viewer’s attention, the visuals in the commercial must be paced to the vocal or instrumental part. If the goal is to make the viewer feel relaxed while watching the YouTube video ad, the music should be calm, with no bass, to evoke that feeling.

If the goal is to make the viewer feel excited about the product in the commercial, the music track should be upbeat and cheerful. It can be a bit difficult at first, but Audio Buzz is committed to helping your YouTube commercial become a success.

Music For Commercial Use: Why Choose Audio Buzz

There is one thing a successful advertisement must have: high-quality music. Whether the music is used for broadcasting, radio, YouTube videos, or TV – advertising must have background music to capture the audience.

Music evokes emotion – and it can help your audience feel more connected to your brand. Simply, it’s a must-have for successful commercial projects.

Finding the right, high-energy tune for your videos can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for something to complement a specific ad.

Well-known tracks may help your audience because they already know the melody, but it comes with a significant disadvantage – it costs insane amounts of money. Even worse, creating advertisements with famous tunes likely won’t even pay off in the long run.

On the other hand, free music doesn’t pay off either, despite being free. 70-year old tunes won’t correspond with your audience, and creative commons licenses may have a negative effect on your advertisements.

That is why it’s time to consider using Audio Buzz royalty-free music for your advertising project. You can search through genres through ‘mood’, which allows you to set the upbeat, catchy tune in your ad. What’s more, you can even search using instruments – such as piano, guitar, and other band elements.

Royalty-free tunes can help create the right message, with the perfect melody quality, without the hassle of getting a sync or master license.

Audio Buzz has an enormous catalog of high-quality music for commercial use, allowing you to create the best ad with background music that complements your message.

Subscribe to Audio Buzz today and allow us to help you do a commercial project that stands out from the rest using our quality tracks!

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