Naming Royalty-Free Music Tracks

Your track’s title can influence its how your buyers perceive it as well as its visibility in search results. Consequently, the tracks sales are directly influenced by how you name the track. In this article we’ll explore different naming approaches as well Audio Buzz’s naming convention guidelines.

Original titles

Creative track names you could expect to see in album covers, song titles, etc. For example:

  • Echo Park at sundown
  • Loving you is easy
  • Jumping through hoops

Advantages: The obvious advantage of naming a track this way is the creative freedom a composer has in giving the track a personalized  title that reflects their art.
Properly named original titles can express a mood (like the last two titles). If these moods are conveyed in a track a buyer is looking for, they may be more inclined to purchase it.

Disadvantages: Original titles don’t necessarily describe what the track is about, forcing potential buyers to either ignore them in the search results, or spend more time searching for what they are looking for.

Depictive titles

Depictive titles describe what the track is all about and what type of applications it could be used for. For example:

  • Epic Orchestral Trailer
  • Positive Sales Presentation
  • Acoustic Guitar Ballad

Advantages: The immediate advantage of using depictive titles is that they allow buyers to know what to expect before even pressing the play button.
Furthermore, the titles often contain keywords buyers look for, meaning they will show up at the top of relevant search results.

Disadvantages: Besides being obvious and kind of boring, depictive titles prevent a track from being perceived as original and unique. This means that while these tracks may show up at the top of search results, they will not stand out and may cause a potential buyer to become uninterested.

Audio Buzz naming conventions

1. Use unique titles – Do not submit two tracks with the same name. You can however number the titles in series to make them distinct, for example:

  • Epic Trailer 1 – Acceptable
  • Epic Trailer 2 – Acceptable
  • Epic Trailer 3 – Acceptable

2. Use legible and meaningful titles – Gibberish, or words that don’t make sense will not be accepted. you can however modify existing words in English to convey something meaningful.  Examples:

  • safkjcalsd – Not acceptable
  •  3$th#7BY – Not acceptable
  • Po$itive M@@ting- Not acceptable
  • Dollarize – Acceptable
  • Successfulizing – Acceptable
  • Powerfulization – Acceptable

3. Names of places or events – Places,  events or known foreign expressions may be accepted despite not necessarily being in English.
We encourage that you include a note to the reviewer to avoid rejections, delays or misunderstandings. Note that non-roman characters will be rejected. Examples:

  • Taj Mahal – Acceptable
  • Bon Voyage – Acceptable
  • Status Quo – Acceptable
  • اجتماع مبيعات ناجح – Not acceptable
  • Это позитивное чувство – Not acceptable
  • Αυτός είναι ο τρόπος ζωής – Not acceptable

4. Do not use copyrighted / trademarked material – Names of widely known copyrighted and/or trademarked figures, books, movies within your track name will not be accepted.
If however your track name matches a  title made up of a common name, it would be considered acceptable. Examples:

  • Spiderman – Not acceptable
  • Jurrasic World – Not acceptable
  • Ghostbusters – Not acceptable
  • American Beauty – Acceptable
  • As Good as It Gets – Acceptable
  • The Day After Tomorrow – Acceptable

5. Don’t use lengthy titles – Lengthy titles will be approved only if they are within reason. Examples:

  • The Inspirational Story of My Successful Endeavor – Not acceptable
  • A Sales Meeting that is Super Positive – Not acceptable
  • Epic Orchestral Action-Adventure Suspense Trailer – Not acceptable
  • Inspirational Success Story – Acceptable
  • The Day I Found My Soul – Acceptable
  • This is the Life I Love – Acceptable

6. Obscenity / foul language – Titles that are obscene and / or suggest violence, hatred, racism, sexual or violent themes will not be allowed.


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