You Make Me Feel So Real

Feel good country track. Male vocals sing of a girl coming into his life, lighting it up and loving him despite having no money. So no gold diggers here, just hot country guitar and piano licks over strummed guitar and a rock steady rhythm section. Very upbeat and positive, with catchy harmonies and choruses, it's not overly sugar coated, even if it's definitely sweet.

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Metronome 130
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Steady paced and uplifting country song about a newly single guy ready to get back on the proverbial relationship horse. Lots of electric guitar licks, piano riffs and background chorus harmonies give this a super catchy and typically country vibe. Add to that the really clean production, and you've got a track you can call on any time for that heartfelt sense of optimistic Americana.
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Sweet country music track. Upbeat and full of movement, it has great piano and guitar licks coupled with subtle background harmonies to create an authentic country flavour. Singing about his love for a girl, it's a sugar-coated effort to sway her - for his sake, let's hope the super clean vocals, catchy choruses and great production are enough.
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Metronome 101
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Piano based country pop song with an upbeat ballad feel. A soulful singing style brings out the emotion in the track, ably supported by backing harmonies and smooth guitar licks, as the male vocals sing about his devotion and love for his partner. How sweet.
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Metronome 136
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Slick country pop/rock song with a smooth feel. Giving off a slightly old school vibe, thanks mostly to the electric piano tones and traditional structure, it has plenty to offer - clean vocals and harmonies, electric guitar lead hooks and most memorably, super catchy choruses. Simple, no nonsense, good time music, with a slightly sad subject matter - spoiler: he found someone else because he thought the relationship had died off. No tears, please.
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Metronome 128
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Cool groove country track. Slick electric guitar licks, upbeat organ and drawling vocals feature, but wait for the hooks of the choruses - great harmonies make this the catchy highlight. Singing about an ex who wants to be the centre of attention, it's a bittersweet story of glamour and betrayal over a good time feeling musical backing.
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Lilting instrumental country ballad. Electric guitar, bass, drums and piano provide an authentic backing in this longing tearjerker of a track. Midtempo and gentle in its pleading approach, you can feel the regret and sadness with the weeping guitar and piano runs, tinged with hopeful optimism and possibility. Slightly building in intensity towards the end, it does what country music does best - heartbreak and heartache.


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