Out To Dinner

Boogie woogie country rock track with, as you can imagine, a very playful feel. Pounding the piano straight off, you sense the good time vibes, and with the added rockabilly licks on guitar you soon know where this is going - upbeat, feel good and not taking itself too seriously, it's a lively song about wanting to go on a dinner date. Why not, we all like a sweet dessert, right?

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Metronome 101
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Piano based country pop song with an upbeat ballad feel. A soulful singing style brings out the emotion in the track, ably supported by backing harmonies and smooth guitar licks, as the male vocals sing about his devotion and love for his partner. How sweet.
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Metronome 130
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Steady paced and uplifting country song about a newly single guy ready to get back on the proverbial relationship horse. Lots of electric guitar licks, piano riffs and background chorus harmonies give this a super catchy and typically country vibe. Add to that the really clean production, and you've got a track you can call on any time for that heartfelt sense of optimistic Americana.
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Country rock ballad instrumental. Steady paced, with a softer verse feel and powerful chorus, it builds through the sections nicely, making good use of electric guitar licks to add interest and variety. Piano, strings and a rhythm section fill out the rest of the sound, generating a sense of positivity and a satisfying heroic vibe. Check out the full sung version to see how it compares.
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Metronome 91
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Feel good country track. Male vocals sing of a girl coming into his life, lighting it up and loving him despite having no money. So no gold diggers here, just hot country guitar and piano licks over strummed guitar and a rock steady rhythm section. Very upbeat and positive, with catchy harmonies and choruses, it's not overly sugar coated, even if it's definitely sweet.
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Metronome 64
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Soft country ballad with an uplifting, melodic feel. Big harmonies, grand electric guitar lines, enchanting piano and epic strings marry together to create a wholesome song about love against the odds. The gentler verses flow nicely, leaving room for the huge, catchy choruses to shine, constantly building towards the majestic finale. A real statement of positivity and discarding bad old vibes.
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Metronome 81
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Country pop rock instrumental with a flowing, arpeggiated theme. Subtly and gradually building from acoustic guitar, piano and drums into a full band track with a powerful, lush string arrangement, it flourishes through nuanced guitar motifs, piano chord progressions and solos. Ths constant arpeggiated 6/8 flow moves the mid tempo beat forward for an uplifting vibe, with a positive, determined and optimistic feeling created by ever rising instrumentation and progressions.


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