If I Could Have Your Love Again

Gentle, country inspired song dreaming about what life would be like back together with an ex. Quite the contrast to the singer's relationship status, it's simple and uncluttered: gentle piano passages and acoustic guitar flow together as a light accompaniment to the male vocals and backing harmonies, with a steady rhythm section adding solid support. Slightly melancholic and regretful in mood, with an optimistically romantic outlook.

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Simple, old time country song. Nothing fancy, just a regular drum beat, familiar bass line, piano accompaniment and acoustic guitar supporting male vocals singing about a relationship that's died out. Harmonies in the chorus change the dynamic, but for vintage simplicity and authenticity, this hits the spot.
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Simple acoustic country song. Simple, in a charming, old fashioned way. Piano, bass, drums and guitar accompany the male vocals and backing harmonies, singing about, as the title suggests .... er, his jealousy, I think. Really, it's a sweet song imagining how things would be if he got his girl, played out in a tuneful and catchy way with a gentle lilt and solid structure. Very honest and open.
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Gently flowing country song about a cheating father. With its rim shot drum beat, backing harmonies and familiar adulterous story line, it ticks all the boxes for a typical soft country song, so expect plenty of yearning male vocals and pleading with God. Medium paced with a catchy chorus and intensely hopeful mood.
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Tuneful country pop track. Some slick licks and silky slides on acoustic guitar give this an unmistakeable country flavour, not to mention the male vocal drawl and yearning lyrics. Gentle and confident in mood, with great clarity and a controlled, upbeat feel, it is an optimistic tale of chasing love. How sweet.
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Sometimes love hurts, so why not put it to music. In this case, an upbeat country rock staple mixing melancholic lyrics with a driving and catchy musical feel. Clean male vocals sing of being left by a girl and his emotional pain, backed up by a solid rhythm section, rocking piano and hot guitar licks. Sadly there's no cure, but at least there's a radio friendly hit at the end of it.
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Lilting instrumental country ballad. Electric guitar, bass, drums and piano provide an authentic backing in this longing tearjerker of a track. Midtempo and gentle in its pleading approach, you can feel the regret and sadness with the weeping guitar and piano runs, tinged with hopeful optimism and possibility. Slightly building in intensity towards the end, it does what country music does best - heartbreak and heartache.


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