How Can I Be True

Smooth, retro feel soul with female vocals. Evoking old school R&B with silky bass and soft percussion under a rich soundscape of lush strings and electric piano tones, this mid-paced song evokes an authentic expression of yearning and love through the sultry female voice and male backing. Lyrically heartfelt and regretful with hints of optimism, musically stable and consistent, it's a dreamy and expressive song about heartbreak.

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Metronome 75
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Mellow acoustic pop song with a strong retro soul influence.  Mournful male vocals generate the tragic story of the music, joined by more positive harmonies for the choruses. Prominent bongos and an underlying beat accompanied by arpeggiated guitar and smooth keyboard give a cool lounge vibe, ensuring that the flow stays firmly in the laid-back category and maintains the doleful, hopeful spirit of the lyrics.
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Cool, minimalist pop track with a brooding and laid back tone. Simple and clean, with heartfelt male vocals and luscious guitar licks subtly filling in the background, it has a light shuffle beat and rich synth tones to create a bed of atmosphere and movement. An interesting melange of atmospheric soulful styles that evokes a positive and reassured groove.
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Modern Future R&B track with super smooth vibes. Chopped vocal hits attract most of the attention as they pan around the aural spectrum, but it's the background that creates the groove. Deep bass and light drums make up the rhythm, while gentle pads and soft mallet hits give it an almost tropical feel. Upbeat but relaxed, it's a fresh and cool take on an urban genre.
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A little bit of retro flavoured RnB soul, not to be taken too seriously. Upbeat and smooth in feel, with its sexy sax and kinky keys hitting those funky tones, it's ably supported by a tight rhythm section and some laid back guitar funk. Whispy male vocals tell the story (of earning enough money) leading to the catchy choruses with harmonised help from the backing singers. Musically authentic, vocally different.
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Mellow groove folk with spoken sung vocals. Intrigued? Listen and you'll understand. Its a melting pot of funk soul with an acoustic sensibility stirring up a vibe of heartbreak blues over Motown bass. Acoustic guitar, bass, hi hat percussion and the subtlest organ backing are all you get here, with intimate and dynamic male vocals telling the story of breakup pain. Upbeat in style, downbeat in mood.
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Metronome 100
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Sentimental pop/soul track with male vocals over a retro sounding backing - think along the lines of gentle Bee Gees. With lots of vocal harmonies and warmth, and its old school characteristics, it's a soft and yearning love song taking you back to simpler times with vintage tones and innocent lyrics.


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