Drunkle Sam

Fun pop song with a smooth, danceable feel. Striking up a club vibe, featuring multiple EDM genres, it's got an upbeat tempo and changeable attitude - meaning plenty of breaks and style shifts, but remaining consistently lively and catchy. Soft male vocals sing of partying and getting drunk, a strong bassline adds rhythmic funk along with the guitar, and synths take care of the rest. A nice shot of good time moods without any intense pressure.  

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Bouncy house track with a fresh, vibrant feel. Lots of movement and energy everywhere in this one, from jangly syncopated guitar to driving club beats, prominent and catchy synth lead melodies to sweeping vocal samples, and arpeggiated chord themes to percussive rhythmic fills. Well rounded, full sounding and modern, it gives off a perfect vibe of youthful fun and good times.  
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A happy and uplifting Tropical House/Pop track with influences from Kygo. If you're looking for a background vibe with a chilled club mood, this could give you some of those Summer feels. A snappy, chordal synth line with a strong beat that drops in and out to change the intensity forms the bulk of it, warped textures and drops filling in the blanks to add a slight variety. Fresh and relaxed without straying far from its own party.
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A light and stylish EDM/pop track. Moulding an intro from piano and warped vocal samples, it soon hits its flow with a slight slap bass and funk guitar groove over a strong drum pattern. The chorus builds on this with a richer, fuller sound from the synth for an upbeat, uplifting track with a cool party atmosphere. Modern and fresh.
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Uplifting dance pop with retro funk feels. Predominantly a smooth dance track with a steady, modern beat and synth leads, it blends in old school funk soul samples featuring irresistible sax blowing and chic guitar strumming. A nice, upbeat mixture to get your toes tapping.
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Dancefloor EDM with a softer side. Falling right in the middle ground between anthemic banger and chillout trance makes it a very useable track, featuring lots of synth and effects over a club beat, enhanced by background piano and guitar. Softer verses and harder choruses add contrast and overall it has a light, summery party feeling with a cooler, classy vibe.
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Modern electronic pop track that mixes guitars and drums with tropical dance elements. With its upbeat and youthful flair, it conjures up good time feels and positive party vibes that make the perfect backdrop to multiple projects. Piano and synth make up the meat of the track, but hard hitting beats also help with the dynamic punch.


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